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Translational Research Grant Supports Bench-to-Bedside Innovation


The Faculty of Medicine, together with the University of Ottawa Heart Institute, Bruyère Research Institute, and Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario, are pleased to announce the successful applicants of the Translational Research Grant (TRG) competition.
Translational research coordinates the application of novel discoveries in biological sciences to practical uses in pharmaceutical or clinical settings. The TRG program promotes such research and collaboration between basic scientists and clinical researchers throughout the Faculty, providing seed funding to test new, innovative ideas and facilitating future grant support.
Basic scientists and clinicians teamed up to submit joint applications as co-PIs on specific research projects. Each grant, up to $50K to be used over one to two years, is made up of matching funds from each partner: the basic science department or research institute, and the clinical department.
Dr. Mark Campbell of the Bruyère Research Institute, along with Dr. Sasha Carsen of the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario and Jeff Dilworth, PhD, of the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute, received $50,000 in funding for their project, Determining the cartilage regeneration potential of novel stem cell populations to repair cartilage defects, which will allow them to test new and innovative ideas.

This work ultimately contributes to the issues faced by Bruyère’s patients with arthritis, which manifests as pain and limited mobility. The project is just one example of the bench-to-bedside approach, where clinical problems lead our investigators to address research questions that systematically and rigorously build evidence for changing bedside practice.

For the full list of grant recipients, visit Faculty of Medicine's 2020 Translational Research Grant competition sets stage for exciting bench-to-bedside innovation.