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Upholding our commitment to vaccination


People working at or receiving care at Bruyère can now take comfort knowing that everyone working here is vaccinated against COVID-19. The small percentage of employees awaiting their second dose (3%), will undergo regular COVID-19 testing until they are fully vaccinated.

Of our almost 2300 staff members, 67 employees have not yet chosen to get vaccinated. This represents 24 full-time/part-time employees and 43 casual employees. They will remain on unpaid leave.

Each individual situation is unique and we will work with each of these employees to help them overcome barriers they may be facing to vaccination and access the information and supports they need. We hope the remaining 67 employees make the decision to get vaccinated and will return to work at Bruyère.

Bruyère plays a unique role in the region’s health care system providing specialized hospital care, long-term care, and assisted and independent living for seniors. Bruyère made the decision to move toward mandatory vaccination in late August. A proactive approach has been taken and we have plans in place to manage any related staffing pressures. We have not seen an impact to the patient or resident experience.

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