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Mother bruyere
Mar 19, 2019 | News

Today marks the anniversary of the birth of Mother Élisabeth Bruyère. Born on March 19, 1818.

2 woman, 2 men and a men in a wheelchair posing beside a serving tray
Mar 18, 2019 | News

We send a big thank you to all who helped organize this year’s mission week activities.

A senior woman is sitting on a bed in front of a computer screen
Mar 14, 2019 | Research, News

Article: Developing and testing technology to support dignity, independence, and the greatest quality of life for aging Canadians.

a woman and a man smilling
Mar 11, 2019 | Foundation, Events

The event kicked off St. Patrick’s Week and raised funds for Bruyère Continuing Care, Mealshare Ottawa and Tara Centre in Omagh, Ireland.

mother bruyere
Feb 20, 2019 | News

Our History Began with a Remarkable Woman Élisabeth Bruyère (1818 - 1876)

2 senior couples smilling with a flower in hand
Feb 14, 2019 | News

Our Bruyère Village offers the space for couples to grow old together. We cater to the needs of patients so that they can spend more time focused on what truly matters — their relationships.

two men riding a  trishaw
Feb 12, 2019 | News

This month, celebrate the benefits of Therapeutic Recreation at Bruyère.

Dr. Frank noefel
Jan 22, 2019 | Research, News

Dr. Knoefel talks about The Bruyère Memory Program and the potential of “smart” sensors to identify changes in how people move and think as they get older, to learn patterns and intervene, if needed.

Radio station studio
Jan 14, 2019 | Leadership, Research

Dr. Thomas talks about how technology can be used to detect changes in memory and functioning for individuals with cognitive impairment and dementia and research being conducted at Bruyère

Three woman looking aat a red flower

Who doesn't like to receive flowers? Thérèse Lorrain, a volunteer at Bruyère knows something about it.