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Connected Canadians and Bruyère: Overcoming distance through technology


If there is one thing that the COVID-19 pandemic has magnified, it’s the negative effects of social isolation. Connected Canadians and Bruyère have been collaborating since 2018 to help reduce isolation in seniors living or recuperating at any of our campuses.

This partnership has been seen at Bruyère primarily in three places:

Geriatric Day Hospital

Over the last couple of years, Connected Canadians technology mentors have provided supported the virtual care of patients of the Geriatric Day Hospital program at Bruyère. This allowed them to continue treatment virtually throughout the pandemic when therapeutic visits moved online to virtual settings, presenting new challenges for patient access to care.

Residents and In-Patients

By pairing residents and patients with technology mentors to guide, support and train them, and providing them access to tablet technology, we are connecting our community members with their loved ones near and far.

Support for Families of Hospital Patients

As a result of infection prevention and control rules and regulations, elderly patients have been more physically isolated than ever before. To ensure that those with family and friends in hospital have the skills they need to connect with their loved ones, Bruyère’s new family support team partnered with Connected Canadians to help families of patients and residents get connected.

This partnership has plans to grow well into the future. This year, we aim to train some of Bruyère’s own volunteers as certified technology mentors, building our internal capacity to the direct benefit of those we serve.

About Connected Canadians

Connected Canadians’ mandate is to reduce isolation and loneliness amongst older adults by promoting digital literacy skills and providing technology training and support.

Their aim is that by 2030, all Canadian seniors will have access to free technology training and support. In the meantime, they believe that all people should be empowered to use technology safely and effectively, to engage with loved ones and enhance quality of life.