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Bruyère Helpline

Bruyère Helpline

Help at the Push of a Button

Elderly woman watering plantsBruyère Helpline is a not-for-profit outreach service that allows a senior or disabled person living independently in the community to call for help by simply pressing a button on a small wireless pendant or bracelet. Help calls are answered by specially-trained professionals at a bilingual 24-hour emergency response centre.


How it Works

In an emergency situation, push the help button attached to your bracelet or pendant. This sends a signal to the response centre through specialized equipment connected to one of your telephone jacks. Within seconds, two-way communication is established, even if you cannot reach your phone. A professional will identify your needs and quickly take action by sending a neighbour, a relative or an ambulance to your home. 


 How to contact the Helpline team

How much does it costs?

  • Our monthly service fee is $40
    • This covers rental, monitoring and maintenance of the equipment.
    • Subsidies are available for clients who are eligible.
  • The installation fee is $25.
    • A technician will go to your home to install and test the system.
    • This fee may be higher for out-of-town clients.
  • Service call fees are $25 each time.
    • This fee applies in certain circumstances.
    • This fee may be higher for out-of-town clients.
  • Our pick-up fee is $25.
    • To cancel the service the equipment must be returned to our office. If you chose to bring the equipment back to us, you will save this fee. 
    • This fee may be higher for out-of-town clients.


Preauthorized Payment Option

The preauthorized payment option is a convenient way to set up your payment for the Helpline service. Our bank will collect the amount due from your bank at the beginning of every month, for the previous month. Your monthly bank statement serves as the receipt for your payments. You can cancel this arrangement at any time, simply by notifying Helpline. Download the Pre-Authorized Debit Plan form.

The Fall Detector

Falls are the most common cause of serious injury for Ontario seniors. Bruyère Helpline has a solution for your added peace of mind. This innovative Fall Detector is a small button, worn around your neck, as a broach or on a belt clip enabling you to generate a call for help, if you require assistance. If you fall and are unable to press the button, the intelligent sensors of the Fall Detector will send a signal to generate a call for assistance within seconds. The Fall Detector can detect a wide variety and type of falls, is lightweight and fully water resistant. There is additional cost related to the Fall Detector. Contact Bruyère Helpline to order your auto-fall detector or receive more information.


Become a volunteer - Part of a community team

Volunteers are essential to Bruyère Helpline. Our volunteers are warm, caring, dependable, patient and trustworthy. They want to give back to their community by sharing their time and talents. We offer our volunteers:


  • A variety of opportunities to match their strengths, interests and availabilities
  • Flexible hours to accommodate their schedules
  • Proper training and support for the position they choose
  • Opportunities to attend educational seminars and workshops to develop new skills
  • The opportunity to meet some of the warmest, most caring and interesting people
  • The chance to make a difference in our world.

To comply with provincial legislation, all our volunteers must pass a security clearance by Ottawa Police Services.