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Photo of Masking update

Masking update across our campuses


On April 11, 2024, Bruyère will be updating our masking practices and removing our current red and teal masking zones.

With Ottawa’s respiratory illness risk profile showing improvements, and after discussion with our regional partners, patients, and members of our teams, masking will be optional on our campuses unless indicated by signage.

As we’re in a health care setting, you will notice that there still will be times when members of the care team are wearing masks and providing compassionate care means wearing a mask anytime those we care for request it. Our patients and residents can have mask required signage put up on their doors. These can be requested from members of the care team on the unit and home areas.

As always, we will continue monitoring respiratory illness indicators in the community and adjust our masking practices in response.

Additional information on Infection Prevention and Control (IPAC) measures can be found here. We encourage you to sign up for updates at Bruyere.org to receive updates on changes like these and other news from Bruyère.