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stroke recovery story

A stroke recovery story - Rehabiliation Day


In Ottawa, September 20 is not just an ordinary day; it's a day dedicated to celebrating the power of rehabilitation. Proclaimed by Mayor Mark Sutcliffe, Rehabilitation Day recognizes the life-changing impact of rehabilitation services. It's a day that shines a spotlight on the remarkable work of rehabilitation professionals and the resilience of those who have embarked on the recovery path.

Rehabilitation Day is also an opportunity for storytelling, recognizing the incredible strength and determination of individuals. These stories honour the healing journey, acknowledging the obstacles overcome, and celebrating milestones achieved. By sharing these stories, we can inspire and offer encouragement for those working in and participating in care.

When Brandon arrived at Bruyère, he was 37 years old and had experienced a stroke that left him unable to move and dependent on others for his daily life tasks.


As a patient of Bruyère's stroke rehabilitation program, he was initially placed on a waiting list for long-term care, but it became evident that this approach didn't align with his personal care goals.

Our care team worked with Brandon, to achieve his goals, as he learned to adapt to his wheelchair and then to write with his left hand and improve his speech. With time and determination, he regained his ability to walk and now, nearly a year after being discharged from Bruyère, he proudly walks two kilometres independently.

Watch his story here: