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Research and Innovation in 2022: Special Message from Heidi Sveistrup


An open letter from Heidi Sveistrup, PhD

As another year and my tenure as the Bruyère Research Institute’s CEO draws to a close, I am fortunate to reflect not only on 2022, but on the past six years in this role.

When I stepped into the interim CEO position in November 2016, I thought it would be a temporary position, but during that first year, I saw the incredible potential and engagement that our researchers and staff have for applied, relevant research at Bruyère and committed to the five-year mandate.

I have enjoyed supporting the growth in and excitement for research and innovation at Bruyère that is clearly visible in our interactions, collaborations, and the impacts our research and innovation has had and continues to have in the health sector.

Over the years, I have seen incredible ideas, innovations, projects, and programs that the Institute has brought to fruition over the last years. Thank you to all of our people – investigators, teams, and staff have been the primary reason for my engagement and joy in working at the Institute. I am always amazed at the impact that your work has and will have going forward forthe teams and people we serve at Bruyère and beyond.

Bruyère continues to be one of Canada’s Top 40 Research Hospitals, recognized for our investment and intensity in research. The Institute’s collective successes has grown our financial capacity threefold between 2015 to our projections for 2022-2023.

Key academic partnerships have led to the creation of seven research chairs over the last six years, in a mark of astounding growth and dedication to science. Our relationships with the University of Ottawa, Carleton University, Ontario Centers for Learning, Research and Innovation in Long-Term Care, a WHO Collaborating Centre, and other regional academic and research institutes have been instrumental for supporting our researchers to have impact much broader than their own programs.

The pandemic highlighted our leadership as innovators through promotion and growth of long-standing initiatives such as Motiview, use of virtual reality in rehabilitation, and the eConsult program. Our partnerships AGE-WELL and Carleton University saw the establishment of the AGE-WELL National Innovation Hub: Sensors and Data Analytics for Monitoring Memory and Mobility to support aging in place and long-term care.

Over the last several years, we doubled down to formalize this work through an innovation portfolio that currently supports our work with the CAN Health Network and as a leading health system partner for the Ontario Biosciences Innovation Organization (OBIO) – Early Access Health Network.

Serving as the CEO of the Bruyère RI and VP Research and Academic Affairs at Bruyère has been a true honour. I want to thank our talented investigators, innovators, staff, and students for your engagement and support. Together, we have really put Bruyère on the national and global stage.

I look forward to continuing with my scientific collaborations at Bruyère!

Warm regards,

Heidi Sveistrup, PhD