Report to our community 2018-19

Helping people home

Our medically complex and rehabilitation services are putting people on the path to home



Bruyère currently has 50 beds dedicated to geriatric rehabilitation and a 33-bed inpatient stroke rehabilitation unit; this includes the addition of five beds in 2018 to meet the increased demand in the community.

We are pleased to report increases in the percentage of discharge rates for stroke and geriatric patients and continue to have higher discharge rates when compared to our provincial peers.
    • Community discharges for stroke rehabilitation patients increased from 81% in 2017–18 to 88% in 2018–19.
    • Community discharges for geriatric rehabilitation patients increased from 85% in 2017–18 to 88% in 2018–19.

Success stories 

 tim kerr

Meet Tim Kerr
Dena Finn

Meet Dena Finn 


Medically complex care

Our 336-bed Saint-Vincent Hospital site saw 915 admissions in 2018–19 with an occupancy rate of 97%. This site has an average length of stay of 138 days and provides a variety of services with the help of clinicians, nurses and allied health professionals to be able to respond to all care needs — the physical, emotional and spiritual.


Success stories 

 The Baker

Ricki and Barry Baker

 donna little

Meet Donna Little