Report to our community 2018-19

Senior woman smilling 

Meet Dena Finn 

When Dena’s family physician referred her to Bruyère’s Geriatric Day Hospital, she was not feeling very strong and was experiencing a few health issues, including Fibromyalgia, balance problems and mild depression. At the age of 73, Dena was upset that she wasn’t able to do all the things she wanted to do because she felt tired all the time.

When she came to the Geriatric Day Hospital, she thought, “Wow, this is incredible… The amount of support that the team offered, not only to me but the whole group we were with, and the group’s participation and support was absolutely amazing.”

She participated in a 12-week program, visiting Bruyère twice per week for exercises and educational talks on topics that ranged from medication use to home safety, proper footwear, stress relief and more. During this time, she had the support of peers and a variety of health care professionals, including occupational therapists, social workers, physiotherapists and nurses, who zeroed in on her needs and provided solid advice so she could build her strength and increase her energy levels. The goal of this program is that following their time with Bruyère, participants will be able to live safely in the comfort of their homes for longer.

The program had a significant impact on Dena’s life; she now feels stronger and that she still has lots of life to live. She was able to make several changes in her home as a result of the program to minimize the risk of potential harm, including things like reorganizing her bedroom, removing area rugs and clearing a path in highly trafficked areas to reduce the chances of falling. She is also experiencing less stress and can be more active, now swimming with her grandchildren for long periods of time.

By participating in the Geriatric Day Hospital program, which identified and tailored supports to Dena’s needs and provided her with tangible advice to help her build her strength, she now has the energy and her home set up to sustain the lifestyle she wants to live. Dena wishes that all seniors could participate in this program to live their best lives in their later years.