Report to our community 2018-19

Your home at Bruyère

If we can’t help you home, Bruyère becomes your home

Residential care


Over 500 people call Bruyère home. Bruyère Village, our residential site in Orleans, has subsidized housing and market rent housing for older adults, with 227 residential units. We also have two long-term care homes: Saint-Louis Residence, in Orleans, and Élisabeth Bruyère Residence, just steps from Parliament Hill, are collectively home to almost 270 people. More than walls and furniture, communities of people and innovative, evidence-based programming are providing a sense of place and enhancing quality of life for our residents.

Our research explores the use of technological innovations that will allow people to re-envision their housing options in life's later years. This work has great potential to enable older adults and their caregivers to stay living independently longer, reducing caregiver burden and delaying and, in some cases, preventing the transition to long-term care.


Success stories  

 Betty Pinnell

Betty and Myron Pinnell
 famille leclair

Audrey and Ed LeClair

 famille charbonneau

Louis LaCroix and
Ghislaine Charbonneau 

Palliative care


With 31 palliative care beds, Bruyère is the largest provider of inpatient palliative care in the region. Bruyère is known for providing high-quality care for people at end of life and their loved ones, both at our Élisabeth Bruyère site and in the community. We are also forerunners in this field of research and exploring many ways that we can maximize quality of life at end of life.

Success story


The RESPECT predictive algorithm