Report to our community 2018-19

Report to our community 2018-19

From the moment a patient's journey at Bruyère begins, their health is in the best of hands — our hands.

As an academic organization, Bruyère leads the way in identifying and implementing innovative approaches to health that improve patient outcomes. From training the next generation of health professionals and researchers to leading the way in programs for aging and rehabilitation care to performing cutting-edge research, Bruyère offers a wide variety of services that touch on the entire lifetime of the people we serve.

Patients come to Bruyère many different ways: following a stay at an acute care facility or upon referral from their family doctor or community service provider. For patients with medically complex cases or those accessing our stroke and geriatric rehabilitation or brain and memory programs, Bruyère strives to provide the right care to help them return home to the community with the supports they need to maintain independence.

helping people home

Bruyère is also home to many, offering a continuum of residential care options ranging from affordable housing and independent living for older adults to long-term care. In addition, we are the largest provider of inpatient palliative care services in the region.


Your Home

Having a two-site academic family health team allows our care teams to work with and empower our patients to participate in their health journey from prevention to assessment, diagnosis, treatment and intervention. These steps allow patients to stay healthy and out of care settings.


keeping peep healthy


Confidence in care is number one and no matter the type of care you receive at Bruyère, our ultimate goal is to maximize quality of life and support patients to live their best lives — whether that is at home, in the community or in a care setting — the goal always remains the same.


Success stories are around every corner of the halls at Bruyère, and we are pleased to share but a few from 2018 to 2019 which highlight Bruyère's services in support of this goal.