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Dec 7, 2023 | Long-Term Care

Recognized as the sixth fastest growing Research Institute in the country

Nov 29, 2023 | Long-Term Care

CAN Health Network expands to enhance care for residents and operators across Canada

senior man balances with help from health care provider, with marche vers le futur logo
Nov 29, 2023 | Long-Term Care

Marche vers le futur (MVF) is a French-language telehealth fall prevention program that is effective in reducing fall risk factors in Francophone adults aged 55 and over.

senior man driving
Jul 26, 2023 | Long-Term Care

We lack objective assessments of driving ability as we age. Candrive researchers have a new tool that can help.

Jun 26, 2023 | Long-Term Care

Bruyère colocating palliative and complex care programs at Saint-Vincent campus, ensuring a seamless approach to care.

designed rebrand banner
Apr 17, 2023 | Long-Term Care

We are working on establishing a new brand strategy for Bruyère and want to hear from you!

Apr 3, 2023 | Long-Term Care

James Conklin, PhD, shares what his research team found in Ontario long-term care homes after speaking with essential care partners, their loved ones, and long-term care staff.