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Rehabilitation Care

Bruyère is the region’s largest single-site academic provider of hospital based inpatient rehabilitation.

What is Rehabilitation?

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Rehabilitation is a patient centered, goal-oriented and time-limited process. During rehabilitation, individuals with impairments work in partnership with an interprofessional care team to identify and reach their optimal functional level of mental, physical, cognitive and social health.


Rehabilitation programs are intended for patients who are at a stage in their recovery process where they are ready to build back their strength and independence.

Rehabilitation at Bruyère

Rehabilitation services at Bruyère cover a spectrum of inpatient and outpatient services in three areas: Geriatric rehabilitation, Stroke rehabilitation and Complex Medical Care.


The programs’ main goal is to improve the daily functional abilities of our patients through assessment and treatment of physical, cognitive, medical, and social challenges that have resulted in a decline of ability to manage everyday activities. Services are available in both official languages.

Interprofessional Health Care Team

Working closely with our patients and their loved ones, rehabilitation teams establish a therapeutic treatment plan that aims to rehabilitate the patient so that he or she can achieve and maintain their maximum potential.


person doing rehab

Our Rehabilitation Care Services includes:


Referral process for Inpatient Hospital Programs

Bruyère welcomes referrals from health professionals based in acute care, community agencies such as Home and Community Care, as well as from primary care. Referrals should be completed using the provincial RM & R form for inpatient programs. While most patients admitted to Bruyère reside in the Ottawa region, we do accept referrals from across Canada. Patients residing in other provinces or territories will be considered so long as the patient has a valid health card. Please refer to the program descriptions for referral information on individual programs.



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