Report to our community 2019-20

Bruyère Research Institute

A message from our leadership

The Bruyère Research Institute continues to advance Bruyère’s mission by supporting investigators who are conducting world-class research and to test and implement technologies that support independence and mobility. In the last five years, the Institute has managed over $50 million in research funding at Bruyère and has recruited 25 additional researchers and partners whose work directly relates to the people we serve in our hospitals and communities. Research and innovation at Bruyère impacts care and systems locally, across Canada and around the world.

As we continue to navigate our pandemic response as an international community, health research is increasingly critical. Researchers are uniquely positioned to help us treat and navigate the spread of viruses like COVID-19 as well as understand and respond to the broader social, financial and emotional impacts of such health crises.

Our investigators pivoted to meet the needs born by the pandemic, turning their research focus to shed light on its effect. Such work included research into the pandemic’s impact on residents of long-term care homes in the country, work that is informing current and future policies and decision-making. Our researchers are also looking towards the future to prepare for mass vaccination and immunization tracking.

Improving the health of aging and vulnerable Canadians is what we do. From our advancement in virtual care to improving residential care by reducing social isolation, our investigators continue to be leaders and problem solvers, transforming lives and contributing to our aging population’s health, independence and mobility.

In 2019–2020, we saw the development of algorithms paired with sensors installedd in Ottawa retirement and long-term care homes. This work is helping staff identify residents who may have fallen, had a change in activity levels or who are showing signs of depression. These markers have never been more important with the challenges faced in residential care due to COVID-19.

We also saw the integration of artificial intelligence algorithms from Bruyère research being used by physicians as part of the tools used to make clinical decisions. At Bruyère, our investigators don’t stop with the creation of knowledge: the key is to put this knowledge into practice for the benefit of our patients, residents, families, staff and the broader community.

Next year, and in the years that follow, we are committed to growing our industry partnerships to develop innovations and technologies and bring them to market. This will further improve the health outcomes for those Bruyère serves and beyond. Building on this growth, we are well positioned to create new revenue streams that will build more sustainable programs as well as contribute to the advancement of Bruyère’s goals.

Together, making each life better.


 denys cabral
Sally Douglas, Board Chair
Heidi Szeistrup
Heidi Sveistrup, CEO & Chief Scientific Officer of the Bruyère Research Institute and VP, Research and Academic Affairs