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The Alternative Augmentative Communication Clinic Team at Bruyère Continuing Care

 Innovation project at Saint-Vincent Hospital

AACC TeamThirty students from the Carleton University, enrolled in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Computer Engineering and Industrial Design, are consulting and collaborating with various Bruyère services and professionals to find ways to enhance care through technology.

The main goal of the project is to develop intelligent mobile robotic systems with bidirectional communication, on-board instrumentation, navigation capabilities, and assistive manipulation.

The short-term focus is a system to be used in the hospital environment and the long-term goals also includes any autonomous and semi-autonomous robotic systems. Other applications of this project are independent living for seniors, assistance for children with disability, search and rescue in disaster areas.

Cycling Without Age at Saint-Louis Residence

The 'Cycling Without Age' program was launched in July 27 at St. Louis Residence in Orléans. The program allows seniors to ride on the rickshaw type bicycle, while a trained volunteer pedals and steers.


Impact of Technology"We’re so happy to be able to give our residents the opportunity to experience nature in our beautiful city on a bicycle," said Karen Lemaire, director of therapeutic support services at Bruyère. "And it's also a great opportunity for people in our community who love to bike and want to share that passion with others."  


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