Transitional Care

Transitional Care


Through transitional care, Bruyère provides a bridge for patients to make their way back to the community safely, whether that is returning to their home or transitioning to long-term care.

Bruyère has 161 transitional care beds across three locations in Ottawa:


  • 41 transitional care beds across our hospital campuses at Élisabeth Bruyère and Saint-Vincent
  • 120 transitional care beds at Greystone Village Retirement Home

Patients who transfer to Bruyère for transitional care do so for a short period. An average length of stay in transitional care is 60 days.

These individuals are those who no longer need the acute care that hospitals provide but still need specialized care in the community before returning home or to long-term care. 

Greystone facilities

Transitional Care at Greystone Village Retirement Home

As part of our regional response to COVID-19, Bruyère has a short-stay transitional care unit at Greystone Village Retirement Home in Ottawa.

This temporary program is overseen by Bruyère and managed by Integrated Care Solutions, a division of Bayshore HealthCare.

All admissions, screening requirements, and visitor policies mirror those at Bruyère hospital campuses. For more information, please see the latest from Bruyère on COVID-19.

For more information on transitional care at Greystone Village Retirement Home, CLICK HERE.

Contact us

If you are a loved one of a patient at Greystone Village Retirement Home, please contact the facility at 613-787-8251.

If you are inquiring about admissions, please contact Bruyère at BruyereClinicalAdmissions@bruyere.org.