Elderly man and young boy doing chin-ups outdoorsHelp Bruyère Raise $1 Million by Shopping Online.

Bruyère Foundation has launched a new project where you can support us without donating your own money - all you need to do is shop online!


How does it work? Install the Bruyère Foundation Google Chrome extension by following three easy steps.  

    1. Go to www.webgiv.com/bruyere
    2. Click "Add to Chrome" to the Bruyère Foundation extension 
    3. Confirm installation

Each time you shop online through our app, you will see the Bruyère flame logo beside your search results. The logo indicates that by purchasing from one of our 25,000 online retail partners, a portion of your purchase will be donated to Bruyère Foundation. If 20,000 individuals sign up, together, we will raise $1 million for Bruyère.


At some point in our lives each and every one of us and our loved ones will need Bruyère. By supporting us, you are helping ensure we will be there to provide the world class care we all deserve today and tomorrow. 

Thank you for being a Life Changer!