About Bruyère

How to Make a Request

Access requests can be made for general records, personal information, or correction to your own personal information.

  1. To request access to general records, check the Directory of Records to determine whether Bruyère maintains the information you need.
  2. To request a correction to your own personal information, check the list of personal information banks held by Bruyère and be as specific as possible about the location of the personal information to be corrected. Documentary proof may be required to support the request. A formal request under FIPPA is not intended to replace the process for routinely updating personal information to reflect things such as address changes. Those types of changes should be made informally by contacting the appropriate department or program.
  3. Complete and print Bruyère’s access request form. You must clearly identify the records you are seeking. This will minimize the search time and ensure an accurate response. Be sure to include your contact information.
  4. Prepare a cheque or money order for $5 payable to "Bruyère."
  5. Submit your request, including your contact information and a non-refundable $5 application fee, to the address below:

Privacy and Access to Information Officer


43 Bruyère Street

Ottawa, ON K1N 5C8

Tel: 613-562-6262, ext. 3687



When we receive your application, we will send a written acknowledgment of your request.