About Bruyère

Dr. Carol Wiebe

Dr. Carol WiebeDr. Wiebe is vice-president of Medical Affairs. She has worked at Bruyère since she moved to Ottawa in 2000, with the exception of a work-year in South Africa from 2004-05. While Dr. Wiebe’s work at Bruyère has focused on geriatric rehabilitation and long-term care, she has worked in almost every department.

Since completing her training as a family doctor, Dr. Wiebe has been active in medical education and physician leadership. She worked in HIV/AIDS primary care in Manitoba and became the provincial representative and mentor for Canadian HIV/AIDS Mentorship Program in the 1990s. At Bruyère, Dr. Wiebe gradually became involved in leadership within the Care of the Elderly department and became physician lead for the electronic patient record implementation in 2009. In 2012-13, she took the Telfer School of Management’s Improving Quality and Patient Safety Physician Leadership Program, and continues to promote quality and safety through the electronic patient record and in role as vice-president of Medical Affairs.

Prior to studying medicine, Dr. Wiebe did a Bachelor’s Degree in Music Performance (piano, flute) and still enjoys performing and hosting house concerts. She also loves running hills with two marathons completed (San Francisco and Gatineau Park). As a physician, Dr. Wiebe has always worked with the vulnerable and feels the people, mission and values at Bruyère promote excellent care for this population.