Bruyère Research Institute

Participate in Research

BRI needs you!  We are looking for volunteers to participate in one or more research studies. These could involve taking part in interviews or focus groups, or testing new innovative drugs or technologies. PARTICIPATE and contribute to the knowledge that will benefit patients and families of those with debilitating diseases, improving health care practices that will help build a more responsive health care system that delivers better care to Canadians.

Studies currently recruiting volunteers:

The Clinical Trials Research Unit at Bruyère Research Institute


  • Memory and Dementia Trials - Have you or someone you know been diagnosed with memory loss, dementia, or Alzheimer’s disease? Join us in advancing dementia care and research. There are a number of research projects that may be beneficial to you as we are currently conducting: drug intervention studies, non-drug intervention studies, and observational studies. If you or someone you know is interested in learning more about our research please contact us at: 613-562-6328 or by email at ctu@bruyere.org

Do you have concerns or questions?

BRI is committed to ensuring that participation in research appropriately monitored. You can learn more about the Bruyère Research Ethics Board and how they ensure studies are ethical and safe here