Bruyère Research Institute

The Ethics Application Process

When applying for REB review for your project, you will be required to fill out the forms listed below. Please refer to the Checklist (which is mandatory) to ensure you have all the required documentation. Once you have completed filling out all the required forms, please submit your entire ethics package to your BRI Operations Manager for review. Once the Senior Director of Research Operations has signed off on your project, you may then submit it to the Research Ethics Office for review.

Please note: if Bruyère is not the Board of Record (BOR), and you already have approval from another REB, you are not required to use our BREB form, but may submit the original ethics form and materials you submitted to the BOR.

Please refer to the checklist for any other forms we require for submission.



Consent Forms 

Please note: these are suggested templates only, and may or may not be applicable to your research project. Please direct any questions to the REB.


Please also include the Bruyère logo on all consent forms, along with the following REB contact information: 


Bruyère REB

(613) 562-6262 Ext. 4003