Bruyère Research Institute

Shawn Marshall Shawn Marshall




Department Head Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Bruyère Continuing Care

Division Head, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Ottawa Hospital and University of Ottawa


Dr. Shawn Marshall is a specialist in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and full Professor and Division Head of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at the University of Ottawa and The Ottawa Hospital. He is also Department Head of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at Bruyère Continuing Care. His clinical practice focuses on acquired brain injury rehabilitation.

He has a Master’s of Science Degree in Epidemiology and Community Health and is active in research involving brain injury rehabilitation as well as driving and disability. He is the principal investigator for the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) Team for Older Driver Research where he leads the Candrive Prospective Older Driver study which aims to develop an Older Driver Risk Stratification Tool.

Research Interests:

Rehabilitation, brain injury, concussion, driving and disability, older driver, epidemiology.

Select Publications:

Marshall S, Bédard M, Vrkljan B, Tuokko H, Porter MM, Naglie G, Rapoport MJ, Mazer B, Gélinas I, Gagnon S, Charlton JL, Koppel S, MacLeay L, Myers A, Mallick R, Ramsay T, Stiell I, Wells G, Man-Son-Hing M. (2023). Candrive - Development of a Risk Stratification Tool for Older Drivers. The Journals of Gerontology.

Marshall S, Bayley M, McCullagh S, Velikonja D, Berrigan L, Ouchterlony D, Weegar K, mTBI Expert Consensus Group. (2015). Updated clinical practice guidelines for concussion/mild traumatic brain injury and persistent symptoms. Brain Injury.

Marshall SC, Man-Son-Hing M, Charlton J, Molnar LJ, Koppel S, Eby DW. (2013). The Candrive/Ozcandrive prospective older driver study: Methodology and early study findings. Accident Analysis & Prevention.

Van Ierssel J, Sveistrup H, Marshall S, Graham I. (2020). The concussion recovery questionnaire (CORE-Q): conceptual model development and item generation of a concussion-specific measure of functional status. Brain injury.

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