Resident and family handbook

Care plans and programs

Even after you move to one of our residences, you have the right to retain the services of your physician or nurse practitioner.

Upon your arrival, our interdisciplinary care team develops your care plan together with you or your substitute decision maker. If you are not capable of making a decision about treatment, your substitute decision maker informs us of what your wishes were, when you were capable. They can give or refuse consent to current and future treatments. We will include this decision in your care plan.

Advance care plans state the kind of care you would like to receive based on your values, beliefs and wishes, should you no longer be able to make such decisions yourself. These advanced directives are commonly referred to as living wills. We strongly recommend you have advance care plans or arrange to have a legal power of attorney for care prior to your move to long-term care.

Our care team assesses your state of health and well-being and reviews your care plan every three months, or more frequently if needed. We organize an annual care conference where you and your family can discuss your needs with the interdisciplinary care team (refer to the Checklist section in the appendix to help you prepare for your care conferences).