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Bruyère Research Institute (Bruyère RI), the research arm of Bruyère, aims to find new ways to maximize quality of life and help people stay and return home. We do this by conducting rigorous, peer-reviewed research and developing and testing new technologies that help people be more mobile and independent. Our focus is largely on improving health care systems, global aging, and finding new ways to care for and treat people. We proudly partner with industry, academia, government and patient/family-led groups, and we always work through an equity lens. Our research strengths are in aging and rehabilitation; primary, medically complex, palliative, and residential care and equity and effectiveness.

Through our academic partnerships with the University of Ottawa, Carleton University, Algonquin College, La Cité Collégiale, Saint Paul University, and other universities and colleges throughout Canada and around the world, Bruyère RI offers rewarding training opportunities for postdoctoral fellows, graduate students, summer students, and undergraduate students.

Since 2006, our leading scientists at the Institute have raised more than $36 million through more than 400 projects to conduct local, national and international research studies aimed at improving health care.
Recognition of the research conducted in the Bruyère Research Institute is evidenced by more than 800 publications and 1600 academic presentations.



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Doing a Placement with BRI

We are committed to offering students a rich and vibrant learning environment where they can participate and gain valuable experience working on innovative research projects, further their academic careers, and have access to a wide range of research support services and networking opportunities. At BRI, students regularly participate in a number of academic activities including journal clubs, Research In Progress rounds (RIP rounds hosted by the C.T. Lamont Centre), Work In Progress rounds (WIP rounds hosted by the department of Palliative Care) summer learning series, the annual BRI Research Day, and bi-annual celebrations.

We encourage all students interested in joining our team to directly contact investigators in their research area of interest. To learn more about our investigators and their research, please visit the UniWeb NetWork page.

On Boarding and Orientation

1. On-site research placement checklist

Prior to your start-date, you are required to complete the mandatory on-site prerequisites, which can be found in the On-Site Research Placement Checklist.


Once you have completed the requirements as outlined in the check-list, please connect with the Bruyère RI Education and Operations Assistant (kamcguire@bruyere.org) to discuss next steps.

 2. Bruyère RI E-learning module checklist

Within two weeks of their start date, all new students are required to complete the Bruyère RI  E-Module Checklist . The e-modules can be found on the Learning Management System (LMS) available on InfoNet

Once the form is completed, please sign and send to the Bruyère RI Education and Operations Assistant (kamcguire@bruyere.org). For instructions on how to access the LMS, please review the Accessing Bruyère E-Modules (hyperlink) document.


3. Privacy and confidentiality for all research personnel

Researchers, employees, students and volunteer are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality, privacy, and security of health information they have access to, and ensuring compliance with applicable institutional policy, legislation and regulatory requirements.

Please review and complete the Privacy and Confidentiality Statement Form, including the Tri-Council Policy Statement: Ethical Conduct for Research Involving Humans (TCPS2)  online training course. Once the form is completed, please sign and send to the Bruyère RI Education and Operations Assistant (kamcguire@bruyere.org).



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