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The Bruyère Research Institute contributes to relevant and practical knowledge to build a more responsive health care system that delivers the best care to patients and families so they can recover better, return to work earlier, and have more productive, higher quality lives.

Through our academic partnerships, the Bruyère Research Institute offers rewarding training opportunities for postdoctoral fellows, graduate students, summer students, and undergraduate students. The Research Institute is committed to offering students a rich and vibrant learning environment where they can gain valuable experience working on innovative research projects, advance their academic careers, and attend or participate in a range of educational events such as our learning series, research webinars, annual research day, and more.

Students who are interested in a placement or fellowship with the Research Institute are encouraged to connect with our investigators directly. Identifying an investigator is considered a pre-requisite to obtaining a placement and is a great first opportunity for students to find a research area that matches their interests and academic goals. Investigators at the research institute predominately focus on research in aging in place and long-term care, rehabilitation, palliative care, primary care, medically complex care, and health equity. Students can find out more about our investigators and their research interests through our investigator directory.



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