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December 2016 - Saint-Louis Residence 

I am thrilled to present our new long-term care newsletter at Bruyère Continuing Care. In this monthly publication, you will find the latest news, a 'research moment', upcoming events... It is the perfect way to stay informed!

We will always be on the lookout for stories that are endearing, touching, funny, educational... send heaps of those to us! Feel free also to share any comments and feedback with us so we can sculpt a newsletter that truly represents you!

-Melissa Donskov, Executive Director

Do you know the process to have your loved one's new clothes labelled?


  • Ask the unit staff for a bag and the form for this purpose. 
  • Put the clothing items in the bag and fill out the form as indicated. 
  • Give the bag and filled-out form back to the unit staff. 
  • The Laundry Department will take care of labelling the new items and they will be delivered to the resident's room.  

We are working on a quality improvement project for the laundry services. Stay tuned in 2017!


huge thank you to the bazaar volunteers who collected, during the recent bazaar, nearly $20,000. The funds will be used to purchase new lifts, mattresses and pillows. The money collected will also support Cycling Without Age.


 Bazaar volunteers

The Bruyère Centre for Learning, Research and Innovation (CLRI) in Long-Term Care wishes you all a peaceful holiday season filled with warm moments and cherished memories. For upcoming news and events in 2017, visit our website.


We revised our policy on resident absences from our long-term care homes (for reasons such as medical, vacation, etc.). Along with this, we created a Resident and Family Information Sheet with all of the information you require for vacation and casual leaves (e.g., providing notice for medication preparation, signing in and out, etc.).


In some instances, residents must be moved for reasons such as medical conditions, safety... Please review the information on resident moves related to our secure units.


The Therapeutic Support Services created a calendar featuring our patient and residents' original artwork. It makes a great gift for anyone! 

All proceeds go towards sustaining the Arts and Crafts and Art-at-the-Bedside programs at Bruyère Continuing Care.


To order, please contact Tracy Luciani (tluciani@bruyere.org or ext. 2103). 


 Saint-Louis Residence Calendar

For as little as $20, you could have your loved one's dentures labelled. It is easy for a resident to misplace their dentures. To eliminate the inconveniences of having dentures replaced, it is suggested they be well identified with the resident's information. 


If you are interested in this service, please contact Joanne Marin (jmarin@bruyere.org or ext. 2512). If many of you express your interest, the Saint-Louis Residence staff will coordinate the labelling in 2017.  

Do you have a funny, touching, story that is worth sharing? Send it to Anne-Laure Grenier (agrenier@bruyere.org or ext. 2518).