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Office of Patient Experience 

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When you are pleased with care, service or a member of our team we invite you to share your thoughts with us because they are important for the learning, growth and morale of our staff.

However, if you are unhappy we encourage you to speak to us as soon as possible. We are here to listen and help. We want you to have peace of mind. First, we encourage you to discuss the matter with the department staff, the client manager or the director of care. If this fails to resolve the issue to your satisfaction, you can bring up your concerns to the client relations advisor.

The Office of Patient Experience aims to enhance the overall quality of care at Bruyère Continuing Care.


We work with you and your family to ensure a more positive healthcare experience and welcome your comments and feedback.  


If you have concerns related to your care, please speak to the clinical manager who is available to assist you. 


For additional assistance, contact:

Client Relations
Office of Patient Experience
43 Bruyère St., Ottawa, Ont. K1N 5C8
613-562-6262, ext. 1051


Client relations advisor  


The client relations advisor is here to ensure that patients, residents and their families have a place to come when they want to be heard. Feel free to share your comments and suggestions at any time.The goal is to improve mutual understanding and satisfaction. The client relations advisor will confidentially, courteously and respectfully investigate each situation and provide timely feedback.


The role of client relations advisor is to:


  • Provide a safe and welcoming place where patients, residents and visitors can make comments, express concerns, file complaints, give praise, and most of all - be listened to in a confidential, courteous and respectful manner
  • Listen respectfully to what patients, residents and their families have to say
  • Support patients, residents and their families by communicating their interests effectively to the relevant people on the care team
  • Investigate concerns and complaints raised by patients, residents, and their families
  • Facilitate conflict resolution
  • Propose solutions to improve services based on the comments, complaints and suggestions received
  • Inform the people who are responsible about suggestions and praise received from patients, residents and their families
  • Answer questions related to the services, policies and procedures
  • Promote the mission and values of Bruyère in order to improve care.

The client relations advisor works to personalize and strengthen relations between patients, residents, their families and Bruyère in order to improve mutual understanding and satisfaction.


What to do if you have concerns?

If you have concerns, it is essential to advise a member of the care team as soon as possible. He or she will take the necessary steps to resolve the situation and will, as needed, refer your request to the staff member best able to help you.

We recommend you follow the process below to resolve conflicts effectively and efficiently:


  1. Contact the employee or care team in question;
  2. Contact the clinical manager (hospitals) or the director of care (residences);
  3. Contact the program director (hospitals) or executive director and administrator (residences).

We want you to have peace of mind, which is why we will take action to resolve your concerns. We welcome your comments in writing, in person or over the phone.


If your concerns persist

If you continue to have concerns upon following the steps outlined above, do not hesitate to contact the client relations advisor directly.