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Ethics Consultation Service 

Have an ethical question or issue regarding a decision about care or patient rights?

The Ethics Consultation Service at Bruyère is a consultative, informational and advisory group to whom ethical questions and issues relating primarily to care decisions and patient rights can be brought by patients, residents, families, volunteers, staff or physicians, for discussion in an interdisciplinary and nonjudgmental manner.

A fork in in the road

At Bruyère, patients, residents, their substitute decision-makers and staff often face difficult questions:

  • Am I making the right decision?
  • Should we continue treatment?

We can help guide you through this process.


Our Ethics Consultation Service helps patients, residents, their substitute decision-makers and staff:

  • Identify difficult questions;
  • Evaluate the consequence of decisions made;
  • Find alternate solutions.

The Ethics Consultation Service can help offer some perspective. It is confidential and offered free of charge.

For further information, please contact a member of the interdisciplinary treatment team or the Coordinator for Clinical and Organizational Ethics at 613-562-6262, ext. 1051 or by email at mapinard@bruyere.org