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About the Bruyère Foundation

The Bruyère Foundation is responsible for raising funds to directly support the hospital, long-term care and our research institute. Your generosity makes this possible. It mobilizes our teams to provide patients with optimal and compassionate care. Every day, in the spirit of dignity and respect, we remain committed to a shared vision that places the patient at the centre of work and planning.

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Thanks to you, we will continue to work together to find long-term solutions to better care for our patients, today and for generations to follow.


Mother Bruyère Spirit Award

If you wish to recognize a staff member or volunteer for their exceptional, compassionate care or service, please consider a nomination for our Mother Bruyère Spirit Award.

Please visit: www.bruyere.org/spiritaward or contact the Bruyère Foundation at 613-562-6319 or at foundation@bruyere.org.


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