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Proud recognition of champions!

On February 6, 2018, we proudly recognized Saint-Louis Residence (SLR) best practice champions. Over the last three years, these champions served as resources and mentors to other employees for the implementation of four best practice guidelines.
SLR looks forward to being awarded their full Best Practice Spotlight Organization designation this April. It will be an accomplishment we will be proud to share with Accreditation Canada surveyors next spring. Bruyère LTC is committed to sustaining its efforts as it utilizes the framework and strategies to continue to implement more best practice guidelines and enhance the quality of care for long-term care for residents.


Champions during the celebration 

Partners in Excellence
The Partners in Excellence recognition program is a wonderful opportunity to highlight the exceptional performance and contributions of the employees, physicians and volunteers who work alongside all of us every day and enrich the quality of life of our patients, residents and colleagues.
We encourage you to take a moment to nominate the colleagues you feel are deserving of an excellence award by April 1.
Congratulations to the 2017 LTC winners: Marie-Florance Célestin, Germaine Dimanche, Guerda Baronvil, Bertha Jean Lazarre, Odette Malongu, Lunie Cadet, Rose Secyugu, Sylvie Mpoyo Tshama, Fritz Longin, Guy Hull and Angèle Carisse

Mandatory emodule

Preventing violence and creating a respectful workplace environment is everyone’s responsibility.

A new online module is available for all staff members. This mandatory training is fun and will take less than 20 minutes.
Course title: Preventing Violence in the Workplace 2017-2020

Completion date: February 20, 2018




The Bruyère Centre for Learning, Research and Innovation in Long-Term Care presents the next webinar Cycling Without Age: Enhancing Lives of Seniors—The Right to Wind in Your Hair. Cycling Without Age is an innovative program designed to provide seniors with a great opportunity to remain connected to society and active in our community. It was launched at multiple Bruyère sites. March 12, from 12-1 p.m. To register: http://bit.ly/2G7cCin.


Shared Aspirations in Long-Term Care

On January 18, Saint-Louis Residence held the kick-off to a beautiful journey! More than 70 people came together for the Shared Aspirations in Long-Term Care workshop.
This very special event brought together residents, family members, nurses, auxiliary services and food services staff, physicians, researchers, managers, partners and board members. Their goal was to bring out and explore our strengths and positive core and to think about what the care and services in our long-term care homes might look like in the future. We sincerely thank all participants for their commitment to making our long-term care homes even better places to live and work.

 Participants during the workshop



Élisabeth Bruyère Residence




Sign-up for the long-term care distribution list

This list allows us to email subscribers the newsletter, the monthly calendar of activities and other relevant information. Go to www.bruyere.org/list to register and get more information.


Excellence in Resident-Centred Care

The Ministry is working with the Ontario Centres for Learning, Research and Innovation (CLRI) in LTC to coordinate continuing education and training through the delivery of Excellence in Resident-Centred Care (ERCC), in partnership with Conestoga College. All regular Personal Care Attendants will be attending this education session. Topics for the ERCC education sessions include resident centred care, observational assessment as well as safety and mobility. Thank you to our master trainers Suzanne Doré and Patricia Pierre.



Bed rails in long-term care

In long-term care, bed rails are perceived as equipment to help keep residents safe. However, in some situations, bed rails pose risks, one of which is bed entrapment. This means that a resident could become trapped in the spaces around or between the bed rails, mattress and/or bed frame.

In an effort to ensure the safety of our residents, the use of bed rails will be the subject of a quality improvement project. The project is based on best practices set by Health Canada and supported by the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care. We will keep you informed as this project moves forward.


Annual Resident Quality Inspection

Ministry inspectors were at the Élisabeth Bruyère Residence for its 2017 resident quality annual inspection. In large part, they noted the efforts put in place to sustain certain initiatives (e.g., meals and snacks). However, we will have adjustments to make, in particular with regard to the storage of medications (creams), our behaviour management and skin & wound programs and certain aspects of care planning. The ministry will be back soon to evaluate the work we have done around our duty to protect residents. Thank you all for your continued efforts!



Saint-Louis Residence   



New phone numbers 

In an effort to optimize our nurses’ time, we have created voice mailboxes for each unit. Please note that the extensions 2680, 2681, 2683 will no longer be available. Family members calling to obtain general information will now be directed to the appropriate mailbox as follows:

  • Unit 1C, ext. 2615
  • Unit 4AB, ext. 2640
  • Unit 4C, ext. 2645
  • Unit 2C, ext. 2625
  • Unit 2AB, ext. 2620
  • Unit 3AB, ext. 2630
  • Unit 3C, ext. 2639
  • For all other inquiries, ext. 2518.


New research project

RSL and the Bruyère Research Institute are excited to collaborate on a research project that will provide residents on 2AB and 4ABC with an opportunity to engage in an activity program. This program combines safe physical activity with a beautiful video of a bike path or roadway from the Ottawa area, across Canada, and around the world. These videos will help engage and immerse individuals into the activity. We are looking to observe how residents engage in this activity, and to gain feedback from caregivers, staff and residents on their perspective of the activity. We are also looking for volunteers to help run these activity sessions. For more information, please contact Dan McEwen at 613-562-6262, ext. 1451 or dmcewen@bruyere.org.



Java Music Club
The Java Music Club is a research-based weekly peer support group for residents. It is based on the altruistic concept that people are happiest when they are helping one another. Recently, Mariama and Shana from our Therapeutic Support Services attended a full-day workshop – they will soon be implementing this program Saint-Louis Residence. For more information: javagp.com.



Know the menu, offer choices

Did you know that we must offer residents at least two choices at every meal and snack? When residents are asked "meat lasagna, or chicken ‘cordon bleu’ with carrots", we not only provide quality service to residents and promote their independence, but we also follow the Long-Term Care Home Act. Thank you to all employees who have made tremendous efforts to optimize meal services. By knowing the menu, offering choices including dessert, beverages and snacks and following the kardex, they play an important role in offering the best services possible to the residents!


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