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Resident's care plan 

The resident’s care plan is a complex and living document. It allows the interprofessional care team to know how to best care for each of the residents. We have started a quality project that aims to improve the care planning process from the admission to ongoing provision of care.
The management team completed a full review of the current process involving the front-line staff as well. This process includes not only the care staff, but the therapeutic support staff, therapists, the administration…
In the next few months, different initiatives will be implemented and education provided; the goal is to get to know the residents better to optimally care for them!

Summer has arrived...along with the heat!  
Summer is definitely here, and with summer comes the warm weather! Seniors are particularly vulnerable to hot weather-related illnesses.
To protect our residents, we have outlined procedures in our Hot Weather-related Illness Prevention and Management policy, For example, the care team assesses each long-stay residents annually to determine their heat risk level. Note that cold beverages are available at all times on the units for the residents. If you will be spending time outside on a warm day, take all the necessary precautions to protect yourself and your loves ones and know the signs of hot weather-related illnesses (swelling, rashes…)

Spring Bazaar 

Once again this spring, the Saint-Louis Residence bazaar was a great success! Thank you to all the hard working volunteers who raised more than $ 23,000 at this event. Every dollar goes directly to residents for much needed equipment!



Falls prevention research

The CLRI has partnered with Remotronic Inc. to conduct a research initiative to help detect unwitnessed resident falls in long-term care. The system uses smart-phone cameras installed in resident rooms that will both analyze why a fall happened and alert front-line staff with a video of the incident. This project is being tested at Saint-Louis Residence in hopes of increasing care efficiency after a fall and preventing future falls. Participants and staff are all recruited, and data collection of the project is well underway. Stay tuned for results!



Employee barbecue

Bruyère Continuing Care hosted in June our annual employee barbecue to recognize the staff for the amazing work they do! At both residences, the weather was absolutely beautiful to eat outdoors and play games!
Thank you again to our staff members who enhance lives and transform care every day!

Employee barbecue



Élisabeth Bruyère Residence



New beds have arrived  

Have you noticed new beds on the units? Some of our residents are now sleeping in a new bed specially designed for long-term care!
We have evaluated each of the residents to determine which safe bed system would best respond to their needs. The teams have worked very hard on this project which aimed to protect particularly vulnerable residents when it comes to bed-related injuries like getting stuck in or around the bed.



Long-term care Homes Act  

A huge congratulations to all! We are now in full compliance with the Long-term-care Homes Act. We have worked on doing lifts and transfers training for all, our duty to protect residents as well as improving the behaviour management plan related to one resident.
We are continuing efforts on many fronts to enhance lives and transform care for the 71 residents living at Élisabeth Bruyère Residence.



Learning passport 

The clinical staff members now have a Learning Passport as a guide to their mandatory education throughout the year!
From now until December 2018, they will do online modules as well as attend in-service sessions.
This training will touch on subjects like restraints, preventing abuse and neglect, a positive approach to dementia care…


New occupational therapists 

The residents at Élisabeth Bruyère Residence can now benefit from occupational therapy. Join us in welcoming Mario and Martin, occupational therapists with OT Consult Ergo! They will be at the residence half-a-day a week to provide care for the residents such as evaluating their adaptive equipment needs, for example, wheelchairs!



Saint-Louis Residence   



Dignified and peaceful goodbye  

We are optimizing our end-of-life rituals at Saint-Louis Residence, starting with providing a dignified and peaceful goodbye for deceased residents and their family members.
This will include:

  •  A symbolic chime and a moment of silence
  • The deceased, covered by a dignity quilt, accompanied by nursing staff, exiting through the front door of the residence.

In the next few months, we will be crafting a beautiful dignity quilt. If you’d like to help with crafting this quilt, or for questions, please contact Anne-Laure Grenier (agrenier@bruyere.org or ext. 2518).


Resident election results 

We held the elections for the residents' council of Saint-Louis Residence.
Congratulations to the elected!


  • Mrs. Charbonneau, President 
  • Mrs. Mcgovern, Vice-President 
  • Mrs. Bisson-Pouloin, secretary. 
Many thanks to Mrs. Mcgovern and Mrs. Charbonneau, who have been president and vice-president for several years now!

The residents' council of the Saint-Louis Residence allows residents to have a voice and to participate in the improvement of their quality of life. Regular and structured meetings promote communication between residents, their families and the residence.



Lost and found days 
On June 17, we organized a 'Lost and Found' event. Several people found items belonging to them. Keep your eyes open for the next event in September. We have also implemented several initiatives to try to minimize the number of lost objects and to optimize the process when we find an object. Share your great ideas with us!



Enjoy the beautiful banks of the Ottawa River

We are so lucky to be able to enjoy the beautiful banks of the Ottawa River at the Saint-Louis Residence! The exit to go outside along the river is next to Chez Zora’s Boutique.
Note that you will need a card to be able to go outside. You can obtain a card in office A-104.

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