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Meals at Home


Meals on Wheels

For over 40 years, the not-for-profit agency Meals on Wheels has been dedicated to providing nutritious meals, daily check-ins and comfort with a smile. They offer a hot meal program and weekly frozen meals program for a reasonable price. Both are available on a short-term and long-term basis to eligible clients. In addition to providing nutritious meals, this volunteer-based program allows members of the community to remain in their homes as long as possible. Daily visits from Meals on Wheels volunteers provide peace of mind and support to clients and their loved ones. Call to inquire about getting Meals on Wheels set-up for your return home.


Supper Works

With three Ottawa locations, Supper Works can help you get organized for your return home with a large variety of meals options. Check out the website to learn more about this Canadian company and how it works.


Red Apron

Give them a call or browse the website to learn more about how Red Apron works. They specialize in seasonal and fresh meals. You can browse the selection in store or have them deliver to your home for a small fee.


Time Saver Foods

Three easy steps to get you started at Time Saver Foods: 1. Check out our menu to see what entices you. 2. Contact Peter at 613-293-9909 or at peter@timesaverfoods.com to place your order. 3. When the order is received a delivery date and time will be set by phone.


Online Grocer

How Online Grocer works: Order your groceries from the comfort of your computer. Delivery for all areas is $12 ($5 for packing and $7 for delivery) plus applicable taxes. A minimum order of $50 before delivery, assembly fees and taxes is required. Go online and register (for free) to ensure you are within their delivery area.


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