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Personal insurance 

Losing or having our personal item damaged is never fun. This is why we ask all residents to extend their personal insurance coverage when they move into one of our residences. Bruyère takes no responsibility if a personal item is lost or damaged; so please make sure that you have the appropriate coverage for the items you care about.


Employee BBQ

In June, Bruyère Continuing Care hosted its annual employee barbecue to recognize them for the amazing work they do.

Thank you again to our staff members who enhance lives and transform care every day!


Over the past year, researchers from Carleton University’s Department of Health Sciences (in partnership with the Ontario CLRI at Bruyère) have been hard at work assessing the psychological and cognitive health benefits of the Java Music Club for residents. We are delighted to share the findings of their research (https://clri-ltc.ca/files/2019/04/Health-Benefits-of-Java-Music-Club-Infographic-Final.pdf)

To learn more about the Ontario CLRI’s project on the Power of Peer Support check out our website.


Learning Passport 

Clinical staff now has a passport to track their mandatory training sessions throughout the year. From now until December 2019, they will do online modules and attend in-service sessions. This training will touch on subjects like focused rounding, restraints, preventing abuse and neglect, etc.


Ask before helping 


Please ensure you never start pushing a wheelchair without asking the resident first. This can lead to an incident or fall if the resident is startled. In many cases, the persons who need help will ask for it. You can always approach the resident and ask, “May I help you get somewhere?




Elisabeth-Bruyère Residence 


Resident Council 

We are on the lookout for a new president for Resident Council. We will be holding elections shortly for a new president. We would like to thank Trish, our outgoing president, for her dedication and hard work in promoting an interactive resident council.


Focused rounding 

Focused rounding enhances the way we work by moving us towards a more pro-active, rather than reactive, approach to meeting residents’ needs. One of the goals is to enhance the satisfaction of all by proactively addressing resident and family concerns, and enhancing communication and relationships. We will be implementing Focused Rounding at EBR this coming fall. Don’t forget to ask residents, “Is there anything else I can do for you?”



MOH inspection 

In early June, inspectors from the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care spent a week following up on Orders and some critical incidents at EBR.

We are proud to announce that the Orders on menu planning and medication safety are now back in compliance. EBR is now Order free and in full conformity!


Welcome Dr. Zayed 

The Élisabeth Bruyère Residence team is pleased to announce that Dr. Sufian Zayed joined our team in June. Dr. Zayed completed his residency at the University of Minnesota Department of Family Medicine in 2016 and comes to us with an LTC experience he acquired at the Mayo Clinic Health System. He is presently working as an Academic Family Medicine Physician at Bruyère Family Medicine/University of Ottawa Department of Family Medicine. Dr. Zayed will be visiting the home on Wednesdays and is excited to start working with the Élisabeth Bruyère residence team!

Please join us in welcoming Dr. Sufian Zayed!


Saint-Louis Residence 


Focused rounding update 

he focused rounding pilot project on the 3rd floor was a huge success. Since focused rounding has been implemented, there has been a reduction in falls and call bells as well as an improvement in staff and resident satisfaction. We have now expanded focused rounding to 2AB and the 4th floor. The whole home should expect implementation by October.


Eye clinic 

We are happy to announce that we will be holding another mobile eye clinic in association with the Canadian Council of the Blind. The clinics will take place on August 6th and 7th. The residents interested in having an eye examination and fitting for new glasses or frames should contact Marie-Reine Fournier at ext. 1991 or write to mfournier@bruyere.org


Once again this spring, the Saint-Louis Residence bazaar was a great success!

Thank you to all the hard-working volunteers who raised more than $30,000 during this event and over the last few months. Every dollar goes directly to resident equipment needs.



Always Practices 

Always Practices are gestures, actions and experiences that we perform every day in long-term care. We invite employees, volunteers and family members to nominate a staff member at Saint-Louis residence who lives the Always Practice of the month. This month the always practice was Knock before entering, introduce yourself, smile and be positive! The winning employee for this month—who lives and exemplifies this practice—is Mariama Diallo. Her smile and positive energy is infectious!



Do you have a funny, touching, story that is worth sharing? Send it to sld-ltc@bruyere.org.