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Smoking, Alcohol and Illegal Drugs


Smoking is currently permitted in the designated smoking area at each site, but will be prohibited effective January 1, 2018. Alcohol and illegal drugs are strictly prohibited in our buildings and on our grounds.


Bruyère Continuing Care is committed to providing a healthy environment for everyone. Smoking refers to any tobacco or herbal product intended to be smoked or heated, as well as smoking devices in any form, including e-cigarettes. 

If you wish to smoke on Bruyère Continuing Care property, you must go to the designated smoking area indicated on the map. Assistance of any kind must be provided by visitors—staff and volunteers will not transport or supervise you for the purpose of smoking. During your stay at Bruyère Continuing Care, we will encourage you to take part in smoking reduction or cessation programs.
Smoking area located next to the garden

Smoking area located around the corner from 75 Bruyère entrance




You may not consume alcoholic beverages at any time, unless a physician’s order has been written permitting you to do so. Visitors, volunteers, and staff may not consume alcoholic beverages at any time while on our property.


Illegal drugs

We have zero tolerance regarding the use, possession, cultivation or distribution of illicit substances in our buildings and on our grounds.