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Be sure to give your nurse all medications brought from another hospital. All medicine taken at Bruyère must be prescribed by your Bruyère physician, and in almost all cases, will be supplied by the hospital pharmacy. If you bring in any medications, your family will be asked to take it home with them.

Before we give you your medications, we will:

  • Ask for your name and/or date of birth
  • Look at your hospital ID bracelet (this bracelet provides essential information that will assist our staff and volunteers)
  • Compare this information with the information in your chart 

When you arrive and when you leave, our pharmacy team will review all your medications to make sure they are doing what you need and that they don’t interact in a harmful way.

Family and friends should not bring any medications to you.

You may ask your attending physician to use alternative substances. You or your family must obtain, administer and pay for any treatment not prescribed by your physician.

When discharged, we will inform you, your family doctor and your community pharmacy of any changes made to your medications while you were in the hospital.

Please talk to your nurse, pharmacist or doctor if you notice a side effect from a medication, or if you have questions about your medications.