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Items Restrictions 

Flowers and plants

You may have floral arrangements and cut flowers in your room except for flowers with strong scents like freesias and lilies. Please remove floral arrangements and cut flowers after seven days. Potted plants are not permitted in your room.


Cameras, video cameras and cell phones

The use of cameras, video cameras and cell phones to photograph, videotape or make sound recordings of patients, staff or visitors by anyone—including patients, visitors or staff—without the individual’s written consent is strictly prohibited.

The general use of cell phones is permitted except where forbidden by signs posted in particular areas where their use may interfere with medical devices

Electrical appliances

Electrical appliances are not permitted in your room. This includes humidifiers, extension cords and halogen light bulbs. Microwave hot packs, heating pads and electric blankets are not permitted at any Bruyère Continuing Care site.

Exceptions include personal grooming equipment such as shavers, hairdryers and laptop computers.


Long-Term Care: You may bring small refrigerators (0.14 cubic meter or less) into private rooms, but only if authorized by the director of care. The resident or family members are responsible for cleaning and maintaining the refrigerator and its content. Members of the care team can provide consultation to the resident and family members about food safety measures and diet restrictions.


Clinical Programs: Refrigerators are available for patients use on all patient care units. Patients from Clinical Programs cannot install a refrigerator in their room.


You may not bring in any additional furniture.



You may not bring your own television, one is already provided by Bruyère Continuing Care.